Rara lake debate, Nepal PM unlikely to raise Lipulek issue in China

Some may take it as a political gimmick of the highest order. Others may prefer to think that Nepal PM Oli perhaps has gone senile upon his India return. For some may accept it as a genuine mode of “decentralized” State conduct which should have been adopted several decades ago in order to provide equal […]

Modi prefers a Nepal visit, Angry Sikhs insult Indian flag in UK

Kathmandu: The Indian Prime Minister has been the witness of two important and significant events, both insulting ones indeed in their own ways that has something to do with the Republic of India, born 1947 which was a former British Colony, if one were to recall. The first one is that he along with his […]

Nepal FM dreams of Chinese train, Beijing thinks of trilateral teamwork

An overly excited Nepal Foreign Minister Pradip Gyawali recently said that he was eager to make a memorable trip to modern China as and when Nepal is linked with China through rail networks. In saying so while being in China as the guest of his counterpart, Wang Yi, Foreign Minister Gyawali perhaps hinted that Nepali […]

Nepal FM Gyawali to visit China early next week

Nepal PM Oli did not attend the BOAO Asian conference recently held in China only because he was not invited by the authorities concerned and thus he have had to turn towards India-the sacred seat of learning and training associated with indoctrination of the Nepa li leaders since the beginning of the 1950s, which is […]

Nepal is a sovereign nation, Indian leaders now frankly admit

The Indian Congress under Smt. Indira Gandhi initiated the disgusting practice of imposing Economic Blockades as and when Nepal differed with the Indian regime over certain national or international issues. Mrs. Gandhi was not happy with Nepal successive King’s having close proximity with China. Chairman Mao and King Mahendra were good friends. King Birendra and […]