Nepal: Shashank prefers silence, Deuba rotten apple in party

Generally speaking Dr. Shashank Koirala, the youngest son of late BP Koirala, is a shy person.  He is currently the General Secretary of the Nepal’s oldest party, the Nepali Congress, which means that immediately after the Party President, SB Deuba, his position in the party is not only important but should he so desire can […]

Nepal PM Oli to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping soon

Many would not believe but the fact is that Nepal Prime Minister perhaps is going to be the single Nepali PM in history who is all set to visit both India and China well within a week. If true and it is true as the Dristi weekly, presumed to be excessively close to the entire […]

Nepal: Reconciliation option

N. Upadhyaya Nepali / Kathmandu: Nepal has now only two options left. Either to let the upcoming babe take birth through a normal delivery in its own soil or a surgical method is brought into practice to let the incoming babe to come out of the womb in a safe manner. No alien doctors please […]

If China wants to help Nepal then why not?

N.P Upadhyaya Kathmandu: The sudden arrival of the Pakistan Prime Minister Abbasi to Nepal on a formal visit and the kind of reception and welcome he was accorded while being in Kathmandu has almost broke the vertebral column of the Indian regime to the extent that someone called Arun Bajpayi, a retired army man, has […]