Nepal-China Sixty Years of Good Neighborliness

Sundar nath Bhattarai Vice Chair, China Study center, Nepal  Sixty years of good neighborhood of Nepal with China, since the establishment of diplomatic relations between them in August 1955, has been the period of ever deepening intimacy, mutual support and cooperation. The intimate relationship between these two countries, having different political ideologies and geographical and […]

Nepal China Relations Six Decades of Friendship, Partnership and Cooperation

Professor Mohan Prasad Lohani Foreign Policy expert Nepal It has been sixty years since Nepal and China bound by age-old ties f exemplary friendship established diplomatic relations on August 1, 1955. Over the years, bilateral relations between the two countries have remained close, cordial, cooperative and problem free. Under the Communist Party of China (CPC) […]

Nepal: Make China visit strategically important

-Dipankar Paritosh , Scholar Nepal Exact1yone month after PM Oli left for New Delhi on an official visit, he is embarking on official Visit to r neighbor China at the invita1 of his Chinese counterpart Li Keqiang. Given the difficult situation Nepal is facing due to friction with India, many Nepalese people expect much from […]

The WTO Membership: Likely Social Implications for Nepal

Deependra B. Kshetri, senior economist, Former VC, Nepal Planning Commission Gunanidhi Sharma. THE COUNTRY AND ITS INTERACTION WJTH THE OUTSIDEWORLD- Part one. Nepal has been enjoying political independence since long, but the same may not be true about its economics. Sandwiched between two Asian giants, namely, India and the People’s Republic of China, with different […]

Conundrum of Reconstruction Nepal

Editor Prem Kumari Pant Editor The Weekly Mirror, Nepal A year has completed since the first major earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale ravaged the country on April 25, 2015. The devastating quake killed almost 9,000 people and causing massive suffering and distress to millions more. But it is more than heart-wrenching to note […]