Former Nepal King hoping against hope

Former Nepal King hoping against hope

Kathmandu:  A restive former Nepal sovereign, King Gyanendra Shah, upon his return from Indian pilgrimage ( he visited Uttar Pradesh and Odissa recently) is learnt to have summoned some of the leaders of the former Panchas scattered in different political paraphernalia to his Himalayan Tea Estate located in Jhapa district.

What exactly transpired in between the leaders housed in different shade and colors of the RPP and the former King is yet unknown, however, high placed sources close to former Royalty claim that the former Nepal King apparently hinted that he was not happy with the fractured state of the former Panchas and that he would wish that the divided RPP factions unite and form a combined political conglomerate and become a formidable democratic force.

The former King is also learnt to have impressed upon the invited RPP leaders to make serious efforts from their respective parties so that the three different parties could become one and emerge as a formidable democratic nationalist force.

To be more precise, the former Nepal King perhaps prefers merger of the entire RPP parties currently being headed by P Rana, Kamal Thapa and Dr. Lohani. In saying so, he concludes that the formation of Left Alliance has far exceeded the strength of the democratic forces after the election reversals.

The forgotten King of Nepal hopes that his days were not over yet in Nepal and that some miracle may bring him in the center stage of Nepali politics any time soon in the near future.

The Nepal constitution now in force however, allows any individual to hope and even dream. Dreaming is also free.

Talking of the habit of the former Panchas, it is believed that each and every leader in the RPP wishes to Chair the party and it is this ambition that makes the RPP split every now and then.

However, the ground reality is that people now talk less of the former monarch because they feel, rather conclude that the days of monarchy in Nepal is over and shall now remain inside the pages of history books.

The Nepal former King yet hopes that the Indian Prime Minister Modi and his party may one fine morning reinstate him as Nepal King.

He in his fresh move, yesterday the former King Gyanendra visited Biratnagar on the eve of Lord Rama’s Birthday wherein the local Biratnagarites gave a rousing welcome to their former King.

But will the Nepali population tolerate a king reinstated by Indian regime? The question remains.