If Nepal ceases to exist where shall we live?

Numerous issues, logical and illogical both, political apolitical as well, have gripped Nepal as of now. Nothing is new in gripping Nepal with problems both homegrown or the imposed ones.

We have now developed adequate stamina on how to cope with, or rather say, live with such traumatic and humiliating issues and problems over these Loktantrik years that have stretched to decades by now.

Such trends have now become the hallmarks of new Nepal, frankly speaking. We have developed immunity to insults thanks to the ruling elites of new Nepal.

Nepal experiences such threats every now and then since the political change that we the people preferred in lieu of the other one- the controlled system perhaps as it was dubbed then by the opponents then who have been ruling the nation in these democratic years- that was in place for well over three decades or so. It is altogether a different matter that “we the people” lauded and greeted the new changed system hoping against hope that the changed system of governance shall bump up or at least try to elevate this country and bring at par with what had been assured of Singapore and Switzerland, if one were to recall the good old days of early 1990s.

Nothing of that sort is visible as had been promised by our fiery leaders then.

In effect, honestly speaking Nepal as it stands today has become radar less country which has lost its actual direction and has been made to swing as the men in charge of the nation droop by the external elements’ dictates and sermons. This is true, however, “we the people” for fear of being penalized do not dare to speak out these facts. But the fact is that while being in search or assurances made by leaders of a brand new Nepal, we have lost the original Nepal wherein we the people lived together in harmony for centuries. Now the deeply rooted communal harmony has vanished in the ethereal medium to the extent that we the people prefer to fight with each other on even some flimsy pretexts or the other.

So who brought such a division amongst the Nepalese of various shades and colors? This question demands logical answers from sociologists and experts who have studied, before and after the so called political change, the common qualities of the Nepali people. Now it is time that these experts guide we the people on how to proceed together in complete harmony with each other in the changed context. If not then the oldest nation of the world, that is Nepal, may eventually go to the dogs and it will be “we the people” to suffer for long time to come. The leaders may switch on their allegiance and submit themselves to the mercy of aliens as had happened with Sikkim. Just a reminder only.

Bids are afoot to destabilize us. Clandestine efforts are being made to tear apart the nation. Some extraneous forces, known and unknown both were hell bent on pushing this country to a point of no return. Inimical forces near and far have posted their trusted sleuths, albeit paid ones, in order to weaken us further so that they could exploit required political benefits from a completely ravaged Nepal. We are on that path knowingly or even unknowingly.

Mind it that if Nepal ceases to exist, where shall we live? Perhaps this question should now boggle the minds of the sensible and motherland loving Nepalese nationals. Furthermore, this piece has not been written for educating the traitors but instead it is dedicated for those who love mother Nepal unconditionally.

Janani Janma Bhumischa Swargadapi Gariyasi….