Indian leaders should change their old mindset on Nepal

The Chairman of the RPP Kamal Thapa has said that the top leaders now governing India should realize the fact that the world has gone through a sea change and that they should not observe Nepal-India relations through the same 1950 lens.

Mr. Thapa who was in government several times in the past perhaps made little efforts in convincing his Indian friends to change the lens that they have been using to observe Nepal.

“They should change their old psychological mindset suiting to the changed times and the contexts which is the demand of the time”, opined Thapa while talking to the Nagrik Daily dated April 8, 2018.

On a different note, Chairman Thapa expressed his ire over the government’s fresh move that has ignored some important national holidays being observed by the Hindus in Nepal, such as the Birth day of Lord Krishna, for example, and the day observing the national unification of Nepal.

Late King PN Shah is considered as the national hero who unified the present day sovereign and independent Nepal.

Thapa accuses that this government has accorded high priority to the Christianity over the prevailing religion of Hinduism and thus, says Thapa, we have been forced to come to the streets as against the government’s action.

“We will register our protests through our presence in the streets”, Thapa threatened.

To a query, Thapa bluntly says that though his party stands for the restoration of the now abolished monarchy, he however, opines that the royal institution as such, (implied) should also make some efforts in its restoration process.

How the former King shall take Thapa’s open invitation to the King to jump into the national politics is yet unknown but yet what could be said that the former Nepal sovereign perhaps depends much on Indian PM Modi and his BJP party and expects that one fine morning he shall be reinstated by the southern forces in Nepal.

The chances are remote though.

Talking on the unity among the splinter groups of the RPP, Thapa still hopes that unity among them was possible if the leaders forget the misgivings of the past and unite for the formation of an alternative formidable democratic force in the country.

“Together we can provide a dependent democratic force for the country”, adds Thapa.

The Himalayan question is who will bring the scattered RPP leaders in a common platform as desired by Kamal Thapa?

As the rumors have it, Thapa enjoys cordial relationship with the Indian PM Narendra Bhai modi.

 April 8, 2018.