Nepal FM Gyawali to visit China early next week

Nepal PM Oli did not attend the BOAO Asian conference recently held in China only because he was not invited by the authorities concerned and thus he have had to turn towards India-the sacred seat of learning and training associated with indoctrination of the Nepa


li leaders since the beginning of the 1950s, which is what analysts have been given to understand.
However, high placed sources claim that China did invite Nepal PM Oli but since Beijing knew of “traditional” Nepali compulsions and thus the invitation from the North was tentatively ignored or Nepali side made it known to the Northern neighbor that any aberrations in the traditional pattern may invite yet another economic blockade, the option of which remains open even as of today, and the intelligent North-say the Dragon, got the point which allowed PM Oli to make his trip to India which is being claimed as very fruitful one by some interested quarters and Delhi friendly Nepal’s vibrant media.
A section of the Nepali observers say that PM Oli should have visited China first at least to send signals to the blockade expert that Nepal has several friends in this world like what China is. However, things did not go as per Oli’s way. This benefited India-the established coercive regime.
(The Blockade pain of 2015 still haunts the Nepali people including this scribe).
However, Oli’s pain is understandable in that China even if she wants to extend all out support to India locked and tortured Nepal but the treacherous Himalayan terrain do not allow to come to a hasty decision on certain political compulsions whose advantage has always been in favor of the former British Colony and ruled by the Mughals in the not so distant past. India was born in 1947.
Nepal PM Oli though dealt with India in a befitting manner this time but yet the Indian machinations must have, let’s take it for granted, twisted the arms of PM Oli to which the latter may not have even sensed.
A sober India cannot even be imagined of, as far as our past experience remains with “we the Nepali people”.
SD Muni, the declared Nepal hater, in a fresh write up has already signaled his own government that should Nepal prefer to go the Chinese way ignoring Indian security concerns, then India should use any available option against Nepal including the renewal of the now redundant Madhesh card and perhaps also think on the lines of the fresh imposition of economic blockade (implied).
The single writer in India who has categorically stated that Nepal-India relations should be based on what he calls “Mutual respect” and has further suggested his own regime to think on the lines of Nepal first instead of claiming the otherwise.
He is C Raja Mohan. Analysts here wish to send him regards in that he has become the first academic writer in India to have jolted his own government by pointing out to several follies committed by India in the past in the conduct of foreign policy vis-à-vis Nepal and the world.
The perverted brains in Delhi should listen to C Mohan and act accordingly. Coercion is not the solution.
To come to the point, Nepal’s foreign minister Pradip Gyawali, on 16 April, 2018, is all set to make a short trip to Beijing at the invitation of his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi.
Comparatively speaking, Nepal FM is a no match to his Chinese counterpart Mr. Wang Yi.
Though the trip is being taken as a preparatory mission for materializing the much awaited and publicized official visit of President Xi Jinping, the known heavy weight of the world at the moment, to Nepal, yet Mr. Gyawali may also wish to explore the yet unexplored avenues wherein Nepal and China can enhance their already extended and expanded ties. So be it.
Several agreements signed in the recent past are already in place that awaits implementation by both the countries.
If Nepal PM Oli becomes able to greet President Xi Jin Ping in Kathmandu even for a few hours then Nepal can benefit immensely. Hopefully the visiting Chinese President while being in Kathmandu as special guest may help Nepal with some mega projects a la CPEC, as a Chinese signature to mark the “most friendly” and reliable partnership in between the two countries since ancient times. China needs Nepal as much as Nepal needs china for understandable reasons. The connectivity factor.
Most likely, prior to President Xi’s visit to Nepal, Chinese FM Wang Yi will perhaps land in Nepal to study the arrangements being made by Nepal to greet his all powerful President.
It is time that President Xi Jinping lands in Nepal and announces some mega projects that connects Nepal with China at several points which in the long run may allow Nepal to survive yet another Economic blockade that may be in the pipeline for Nepal as a new gift to Nepal from India to mark the continuation of the “traditional ties”.
All that Nepal needs from China is greater connectivity which China understands better.
April 14, 2018. Photo Courtesy: Online Khabar. Thanks.