Nepal PM Oli to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping soon

Nepal PM Oli to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping soon

Many would not believe but the fact is that Nepal Prime Minister perhaps is going to be the single Nepali PM in history who is all set to visit both India and China well within a week.

If true and it is true as the Dristi weekly, presumed to be excessively close to the entire UML paraphernalia writes that KPS Oli upon his return from Delhi trip shall pack his baggage and head towards China to take part in the activities of the BOAO Forum to be held in Henan Province of China.

PM Oli is also the President of the UML party.

PM Oli’s engagement in Delhi shall not allow the PM to attend to the opening session of the said Forum, he however, will for sure grace the concluding sitting of the symposium.

Interesting of it all is that during this concluding session, PM Oli is most likely to be greeted by the newly elected President of China, Xi Jinping, claims the Dristi weekly in its fresh edition dated April 3rd 2018.

A one-on-one talk between PM Oli and President Xi has also been fixed on the sidelines of the BOAO forum setting. The date and the time of the high level meet between the two leaders has also been fixed, claims a beaming Dristi weekly.

Nepal foreign ministry sources say that a four member high level delegation from China led by Mr. Wang Li had landed in Nepal on last Thursday and upon finalization of PM Oli’s itinerary of the impending visit to China left Kathmandu on Friday for Beijing.

Notably, the Pakistani Prime Minister Abassi too is attending the BOAO forum wherein PM Oli and Pakistan PM shall renew their newly established friendship.

During the days of monarchy in Nepal, King Birendra used to attend to this important conference in China.

The conference is being held to improve the quality of life of the people living in this part of the world through the initiative taken by China through the term BFA.

The BFA is the brain child of China, it has been learnt.

Nepal foreign ministry sources say that all the necessary preparations for Oli’s China visit have been accomplished.

If PM Oli meets President Xi then he would be among the few leaders of the world to have met with a very strong Chinese leader after Chairman Mao Tse Tung and Deng Xiao Ping.

Undeniably, President Xi Jinping has now emerged as a very powerful world leader after the CPC election held recently.

Now it remains to be seen as to how Oli presents himself while meeting President Xi and also how the latter reciprocates.

Yet observers hope that China shall prove herself up to the mark and satisfy Nepali requirements albeit caring the preservation of Nepali sovereignty.

Frankly speaking, all that Nepal needs from China is some sort of uninterrupted assistance without any strings attached that makes this country self reliant and also frees Nepal from over Indian dependency.

The hectic international schedule of Nepal PM Oli in many more ways than one has enhanced the sagging image of Nepal in the comity of nations.

To boot, Oli’s fresh statement that he shall adopt a balanced policy while dealing with both the immediate neighbors, India and China, too has sent the needed signals to all those who have had been twisting Nepali arms as and when they desired.

Gone are the days perhaps.

  April 3, 2018.