No nose poking from China on Nepal issues: Sujata Koirala

No nose poking from China on Nepal issues: Sujata Koirala

In a dramatic political event, one of the leading members of the Koirala family has expressed her distaste against the Indian establishment.

Unbelievable as it may appear, however, it is a fact which has come to the fore just the other day.

Poor India. Losing grounds in Nepal.

Perhaps this is the first time ever that someone from the presumed Indo-pendent family since the formation of the Nepali Congress as a political party of Nepal has dared to speak not that good word for the Indian regime.

And here it was Ms. Sujata Koirala who on March 26, 2018, bluntly ventilated her ire against the Indian establishment wherein she said in an implied manner that India has been poking its nose in Nepal’s internal affairs.

Things became worse when she apparently eulogized China and said that this country has never interfered in the internal matters of Nepal.

The listeners remained askance and felt uneasy simply because Ms. Koirala said so in the presence of the incumbent Chinese Ambassador at the book launching ceremony held at the official residence of the Nepal Prime Minister KPS Oli.

Ms. Koirala is a former foreign minister of Nepal.

The book on Nepal-China relations contains several articles penned by foreign policy experts of Nepal.

The book has been edited by Ms. Anjan Shakya and Madhavji Shrestha.

To recall, Shashank Koirala and Dr. Shekhar Koirala, both from the Nepali Congress, have on different occasions praised the Chinese regime and have thanked the northern neighbor for all the supports that China has been extending to Nepal.

Should this mean that the Koirala family now has understood as to what India means to Nepal? Better late than never.

Perhaps the last economic blockade imposed on Nepal may have jolted the Koirala family.

Dr. Shekhar Koirala too is on record to have said in the recent past that Nepal can in no way ignore the northern neighbor for obvious reasons.

March 28, 2018.